4 Ways To Prepare For Your Upcoming Podcast Interview

4 Ways To Prepare For Your Upcoming Podcast Interview Have you been asked to be a podcast guest and totally freaked out thinking of what to say? Trust us, if you were asked, you obviously have tons to share (duh!). Plus, knowing what “it takes” to be a good podcast guest is subjective. You are a digital agency owner, entrepreneur, or superhuman with tons of knowledge and expertise to share. You have processes, resources, and toolkits that have helped you take the lead in your industry.

3 Ways Investing in Consistent Content Can Help You Become A Thought Leader In Your Industry

Search engine optimization (SEO) has nothing to do with your writing skills; however, it has a lot to do with how well you know your audience and what keywords they like to get cozy with. Simply by SEO-ing your blog, you can get hundreds of eyes on your content. And I’m talking the eyes that really matter—the people who are looking for you. Here’s the thing: SEO is a big and scary world; however, by starting with these 3 things, you can take over as a thought leader in your industry.

Morning Motivators That Help You Kick Butt

“Oh, just one more minute”, said every human around the world when their alarm went off at 6am today. We’ve all been that person who just can’t seem to uncurl themselves from their comfy bed, or unwrap their warm blanket to rise for another day ahead. We’ve also been that person who decided to rise early and seize the day. And let’s face it, we know that waking up early can often solve 99% of daily challenges we face. With more time comes more opportunity: making a wholesome breakfast, getting school lunches done (on time), actually getting a moment of peace before the buzz of the day begins. Imagine if you could conquer every single day by doing a few simple things in the morning that set you up for daily success.

4 Questions You Need To Ask Your Content

4 Questions You Need To Ask Your Content You wrote your website content because you know your business best. That totally makes sense. You live and breath what you do, and know how to talk to clients face-to-face. How could you not rock your website content? Let us ask you another question: although you know your house best, would you trust yourself to do your own electrical wiring? We’re going to go with no. The same goes for your content.

Looking to Downsize? 3 Tips for Managing All Your Stuff

Does the thought of packing up and moving all of your belongings give you anxiety? Let’s take a step back and alleviate the pain of either holding on to too much stuff, or wanting to toss everything as an easy way out. If you are burdened by the amount of stuff you own but can’t imagine living without all of it, you’re not alone. It’s easy to get attached to every little thing you own, especially when they remind you of beautiful milestones in your life.

Voice vs. tone in copywriting

What is the difference between voice and tone anyways? Voice and tone are words thrown around a lot in the marketing world, but what do they really mean? Is there even a difference? Your voice is always consistent. It’s your brand’s values, expressed by how your company words things. Simply put, your voice is your organization’s unique personality. Tone, on the other hand, mostly depends on the context in which you are speaking (or in this case, writing.)

What exactly is "Content Strategy"?

What exactly is "Content Strategy"? Here at Anansi Content, Content Strategy is the core of what we do. Why? Because we believe Content Strategy is how you stand out against your competition. If you’ve been asking yourself this lately, you’ve landed in the right place. Content Strategy helps you clearly communicate your value to your ideal customers. You may be an expert at what you do, but are you able to clearly communicate what you do?

How Might Bank vs. Market Value Get in the Way of Selling Your Home at the Highest Price?

Imagine this: you’ve just accepted the highest offer on your home. You’re thrilled! Selling your home has been such a smooth experience. But, it’s all a little too good to be true. The bank valued your home at much less than the accepted offer. Suddenly, the deal has collapsed and you’re putting your house back on the market. Taking the highest offer isn’t always a dream come true. Sometimes it can be a real estate nightmare. How do you avoid this?

The Benefits of a Buyer's Agent

Are you looking to buy a new home and wondering if you should go through the listing agent? The answer is simple: no. It’s common to think you’re getting a deal on a home if you work directly with the listing agent. They may reduce their commission to help you get a good price, or suddenly find price saving options when it’s time for negotiations. But here’s the truth: the listing agent, the one who brings the home to market, works for the seller, NOT you.

4 Tactics for Keeping Clients Accountable

Do you suddenly experience a migraine when you think about that client who still hasn’t gotten back to you? They probably signed their agreement with excitement, paid, got the process started, then left you hanging without completing important action items. Or maybe you’re working with a client that’s a total visionary and can’t seem to make a decision about anything. They are seeking unrealistic perfection that is just totally...unrealistic! Don’t worry. We’ve been there. Keeping clients accountable is a skill. By implementing a simple process that keeps you, deliverables and action items on their radar, you WILL master client accountability. It starts with how you use your one-on-one meeting time.

4 Helpful Tips for Talking to Your Aging Parents about Downsizing

Are your parents struggling to acknowledge that selling your family home is the right decision? I get it. Selling your family home can be quite the emotional rollercoaster. For your aging parents, the experience can also be extremely stressful. It’s never easy to let go of something that has brought you so much joy over the years. There are always a few valid reasons for downsizing your parents. Whether it be health issues to losing a spouse, to the house being too much to handle as they age, using your voice throughout the journey can go a long way in reducing stress.
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